Security BSides Athens 2018


Having a Career in Cyber Security; going down the rabbit hole...

by Dimitris Dorizas, @DimitrisDorizas

Abstract: As the Cyber Security world becomes more and more popular, the professional orientation around this area is becoming more complex and vast. Although the job market is in desperate need for more and talented security engineers, it has become equally difficult to build a solid career based only on ethical incentives. After 15 years with hands-on experience in the field, Dimitris will try to take you through the “dark” and challenging paths using his own experiences. Welcome to the rabbit hole of the Cyber Security Engineer...

Bio: Dimitris Dorizas has more than 15 years of experience in the Information Security and Cyber Security arena, and he is well-established in the security industry. He currently works for Encode Group in Greece, as MSS & Integration Services Manager. Dimitri’s expertise includes security architecture design, systems & network security management, MSS infrastructure design & operational management, and incident response orchestration.