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Security BSides Athens 2019

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The organisers are all volunteers who believe in having such an international community-based conference in Athens. With your help, you are supporting this initiative to organise the conference in Athens and give floor to security professionals, students and security researchers the opportunity to present in front of an international audience.

The sponsors who are supporting the conference, have the opportunity to be recognised further not only as a brand but most importantly for their work and support in the Information Security community.


We are looking for volunteers who would like to help with the event at the organisation level and on the day of the conference. We look for synergies and ambassadors to spread the word and help us reach out to a broader audience.

If you believe you could help us put the event together or give us a hand on the day, do not hesitate to contact us: our volunteers' email:
(staff |@| bsidesath |.| gr)

Name Twitter E-mail Responsibility
Dr. Grigorios Fragkos @drgfragkos info @ Organiser
Eleni Vasilakopoulou @valhelenia info @ Event Management
Dr. Olga Angelopoulou @OlgaAngel cfp @ Call for Presentations (CFP)
Anthi (Vasileiadou) Gilligan @AnGreagach sponsors @ Sponsors
Ferrach-Zoi Fragkou @_ferrach staff @ Volunteers
- @ tickets @ Tickets (PR)
Niko Pissanidis @nikopissanidis niko.pissanidis @ Ambassador
Dimitrios Taketzis @DimTaketzis d.taketzis @ Ambassador (CNI)
Sharka P. @___Sh4rk___ sharka @ Ambassador
- - feedback @ Feedback
Security Bsides Athens @BSidesAth info @ General Inquires, Ideas, Suggestions, etc..


Name Twitter E-mail Responsibility
Dr. Kosta Xynos @kxynos sysAdmin @ SysAdmin
Nikos Kokorelis -   - 3D Animation (
Dimitris Mitrou @DimisMeu   - Developer
Ferrach-Zoi Fragkou @_ferrach   - Graphics Design
Evangelos Mourikis @teh_h3ck challenge @ Treasure Hunt challenge & CTF
Hack The Box @hackthebox_eu challenge @ Treasure Hunt challenge & CTF
Nikolaos Vourdas @nick_vourd challenge @ Treasure Hunt challenge & CTF